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Footy photos was established in 2004 through parent demand from my son's local football club, we have since worked with a large number of clubs throughout Yorkshire, Derbyshire & Humberside and have photographed the Sheffield Junior Leagues presentation nights for the last Eighteen years.

As a business we offer professional sports photography at extremely competitive prices so both parents and club have photographic memories for years to come.

How footy Photos Works:

when your team/s have a match game or training session we arrive on site prior to the game and take a team photo and individual photos if required which takes approximately ten minutes per team, Parents then have the choice to purchase any of the products shown online using your teams unique password.

There is no obligation to buy.


We can produce any size framed or mounted team photos with whatever wording is required as a thank you from your club to your sponsors.

Commission & Discounted Prices:

Each team/club is offered 10% commission from sales of photos to fund your clubs in house activities or you could take no commission to reduce prices for parents. Not including Presentation night photo's.

Presentation Night Photos:

If your club needs a photographer for their end of season presentation night then look no further, we can accommodate most venues regardless of size where again we offer parents the choice of a wide range of products. 

Do It Yourself:

If your club has its own photographer we do sell footy photo albums and instructions on how to make them up, this would reduce the cost to parents but is more time consuming. Minimum order of 20 albums.

Please contact us for any further information.

7x5 Individual photo


7x5 Team Photo


                   Footy Photo album

which contains team & individual photos and                        players names.


     Front Cover

Footy Photo Album

8x6 Individual Photo


8x6 Group Photo


Named Team Photo


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